Testing Packages and Prices

Download PDF Price List and Instructions

Homeowners:  We offer flexible combinations of test parameters to save you money.     Detailed information about the individual parameters can be found on the parameter information page.    See the FAQ page for help in determining which package of tests are right for you.     If in doubt, feel free to call us and discuss any water issues you may be experiencing and we can suggest the appropriate tests for you.


The price for each package is as follows:

Package Name Price
Basic $75
GSA Comprehensive $155
Comprehensive $165
Title V $75
Stain $65

You can also test individual parameters.    Prices are as follows:

Parameter Name Price
Total coliform (P/A) $30.00
Heterotrophic plate count $35.00
Arsenic $30.00
Fluoride $25.00
Lead $30.00
Mercury $35.00
Radon $40.00
Volatile Organics $135.00
Perchlorate $175.00
Uranium $45.00
PFAS (18) $400
Others Available upon request